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Mathematics 20-2 (MAT2792)

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This course develops the following: logical reasoning techniques, properties of angles and triangles, acute triangle trigonometry including the sine law and cosine law, working with radicals, statistical reasoning, quadratic functions and equations and proportional reasoning.

Pre-requisite:   D- in Math 10C (MAT1791) or equivalent

Passing Grade:  50%

Time for Completion: 6 months from start date

Units:   1: Inductive and Deductive Reasoning
            2: Properties of Angles and Triangles
            3: Acute Triangle Trigonometry
            4: Radicals
            5: Statistical Reasoning
            6: Quadratic Functions
            7: Quadratic Equations
            8: Proportional Reasoning
            Final Exam

Books and Materials: 

Required Textbook:  Principles of Mathematics 11 published by Nelson (ISBN: 9780176504120)

TI-84 Graphing Calculator

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